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Activities Week 2020

Hello everyone, 


Welcome to Activities Week 2020! A little bit different this year of course but on this page you will find all of the information that you need to enjoy the week from home. 


The below timetable is a suggestion for when you can complete the activities at home but the videos will be available at other times for you to complete if you don't manage to in the allotted time slot. 


Activities week timetable


Monday (13.7)

Tuesday (14.7)

Wednesday (15.7)

Thursday (16.7)

Friday (17.7)


Spoon Percussion



Phunky Foods

Ollie Music


Spanish Dancing


Irish dancing

Bucket Drumming

At home Sports day

Scroll to find more information about each video and links to the videos! 

Spoons percussion 

You will need pairs of spoons - any size, any texture [wooden, plastic, metal].

Each video lasts approximately 9 minutes.  Once you have learnt the basic grip you can either follow each video in turn or pick and choose depending on how much of a challenge you would like. Challenges get progressively harder with each video.

Spanish dancing 

Thank you to Josefa, our usual Spanish dancing teacher, for making this fantastic video for you to follow. To watch and join in with the video, please follow the link to our video centre below. 


Thank you to the team at Storm Basketball for putting the video together.

For this video you need a skipping rope (if you have one, this is optional) and ideally a basketball and if not possible, a football or similar sized ball will do! The video runs through different basketball techniques, you can pause the video if you want to have a go for longer and fast forward the video if there are skills that you find too tricky! 

Visit the video centre on OLQOH website to find the video (link below). 

If you enjoy the video and are interested in doing basketball as a hobby, contact:


Thank you to Lee from SkipHop for making the tutorial video for us. For this video, you will need a skipping rope. The skipping video is split into sections for difficulty so find the appropriate time for your age. If you have brothers or sisters different ages, why don't you have a go at each others? See a link below for the video. 


Thank you to the coaches at Chelsea FC for providing us with a video. You will need a football (or a ball equivalent) for the video. You could play the video on an IPAD and take it outside with you so you are being careful. 

Irish Dancing 

It isn't easy to learn Irish Dancing quickly; it is a skill that usually takes you a long time to master (it took Miss Kerrigan 3 years before she was good enough to do any competitions)! 

However, Miss Kerrigan knows how talented you all are so she is going to take you through a few basic skills that although you might find difficult, hopefully you will have fun learning with her. 

You do not need to have anything for this video but have bare feet and make sure there is some space all around you. 

Find the video on the OLQOH video centre. 

If you want to continue practising, follow the Youtube link for music. 

Phunky Foods 

Thank you to the team at Phunky Foods for making us videos and resources. There are two video for phunky foods; one which talks to you about healthy eating and the other that takes you through how to make the Veggie Crunch recipe. Please follow the links to the video centre for both videos. 

If you would like the ingredients for the veggie crunch please download the document below. 

Phunky foods have also supplied activity sheets you could complete after watching the videos which you can download below also. There is a different activity sheet for each Key Stage, please download the appropriate sheet for your age. 

Bucket Drumming

You will need any type of bucket or container and either 2 sticks or pencils to use as drum sticks.

Have fun learning these rhythms or try creating your own. Select which videos you want to try! 

Ollie music

Thank you so much to Ollie Heath for this amazing video. Follow the link to find Ollie's specially made video for us! You need no equipment for this video as you will use your body to make some music. 

At home sports day

No video for this one as we want you to be CREATIVE!! Send your teacher pictures of your home sports day. Download the document below to design your own medal. If you don't have brothers or sisters to compete against, get your mum and dad involved!! 

Ideas for sports you can do for your at home sports day: 

- Egg and spoon race: Use a boiled egg!!! 

- Running races 

- Agility/obstacle races (hoops, beanbags etc)

- Throwing competitions (balls, beanbags, frisbees) 

- Skipping races 

- How many claps can you do when you throw the ball in the air? 

- Standing long jump or triple jump (hop, skip, jump) 

- Sack race (use a bin bag!)