Art & Design

Art & Design

At Our Lady Queen of Heaven, our definition of progress in Art is the widening and deepening of essential knowledge, skills, understanding and learning behaviours. We design, organise and plan our curriculum to ensure that children are not merely covering content, but achieving a depth to their learning that enables them to use their skills and understanding in all areas of the curriculum.

At Our Lady’s, learners have the opportunity to take part in a range of artistic activities. We believe that it is vitally important to develop their creativityimagination and improve their self-esteem. We do this through exploring famous artists, architects and designers, and developing skills in the design process, painting, drawing and sculpture. Learners are encouraged to develop their  communication through art. 

Through art learners have an excellent opportunity to communicate their inner thoughts and feelings through a range of media. It is a known fact that art is a therapeutic experience for many, enabling learners to express themselves as well as promoting physical co-ordination and wellbeing. 

National Curriculum Aims

Art and Design is an important part of our curriculum and it is our aim to engage and inspire all children through creative planning opportunities. We believe that Art and Design encourages learners to develop their creativity, nurture their imagination and provides children with a variety of ways to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

At Our Lady’s, learners have a chance to develop their artistic creativity by participating in a range of enrichment activities. Links with the parish and local community enable learners to contribute positively by designing and making Christmas cards for the homeless and local retirement homes.

We aim to give all children the confidence to express themselves through a range of chosen media. Our children are given the opportunities to experiment with a range of different materials, to use drawing, painting and sculpting techniques to bring their ideas to life, and to practise art and design techniques when using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. As learners progress, they are encouraged to develop their skills through experimentation and developing their control and finesse.