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Covid-19 FAQ

Updated 03/6/2020

My child was given reading books for home when school first closed, how can I return these to school?

Any books/resources Parents wish to return to school can be dropped in the Yellow drop box, which is put out each AM and PM and/or can be found in the school foyer


 Children staying home will there still be the online weekly classes with the teachers? 

Support for Y2,3,4 & 5 remains as is.


Clarification about this PE can they wear white tshirt or polo shirt and leggins or tracksuit bottoms?

Support for EYFS, Y1 and Y6 will have to reduce a bit (the Teachers are in school with children).


Clarification about this PE can they wear white t-shirt or polo shirt and leggins or tracksuit bottoms?

PE Kit details are here 


The return to school letter states no bags but what about water bottles especially as we are entering summer? Will these be allowed in?

Named water bottles are fine.


I am waiting for a refund on ParentMail from the school trips? What is the timescales for this?

We’re working on it and expect most refunds to have been credited by 12/6/20.  ParentMail are clearly swamped at the moment which creates a delay.  PGL refunds are dependent on PGL sending us monies.


I am showing signs of COVID-19 what should I do, does the school need to be contacted?

Advice re Covid-19 should be via 111 or the GP.  They will advise what to do. Please keep school informed.


Someone in my household has recently recovered from COVID-19 and my child is due to go back to school on the 1st of June what does the school advise?

Advice re Covid-19 should be via 111 or the GP.  They will advise what to do. Please keep school informed.


I have selected that I would like my child going back to school on the 1st June 2020, what if I change my mind after this date and choose not to bring my child in who do I contact?

See today’s ParentMail.


If there was to be an outbreak of COVID-19 in the school, will parents be notified of what person (teacher/child) this is?

Relevant classes (not whole school) would be closed.  As with nits, a notice advising a case in your child’s class would be issued.


I’m not a keyworker, can I send my child to school?

Criteria for those who can attend are EYFS, Y1, Y6, Key Workers etc only.


Can my child attend school? (EHCP, SEN)

EHCP only.


Are there any transport arrangements for children with an EHC plan, SEN or who is vulnerable?



I paid for some of the school trips by cash how am I going to be refunded?



My circumstances have changed; how do I know if I am now eligible for Free School Meals?

Apply here


My Child is really nervous about coming back, as there has been a death in the family from COVID-19, how do I explain that its ok?

We’ll do our best to keep everyone safe and to provide pastoral support as required.


What will be happening to children that are vulnerable?

Children who are medically vulnerable will need to follow NHS guidance re school attendance.  If they are unable to attend, support for Home Schooling will continue for as long as required.


Children who are vulnerable e.g. because of social need or because of SEND, will continue to be supported by the OLQOH Inclusion Team online, in school and through collaboration with Local Authority colleagues e.g. Social Workers.


Are the school going to provide us with a plan before the children go back to school?

 A letter detailing how school will gradually reopen will be sent out to Parents and Carers this week, advising of revisions to the school day and safeguards being put in place to minimise the risk of transmission of Covid 19 within school.


How are the social distancing measures going to be applied?

 We will be reducing Class sizes, avoiding mass gatherings e.g. Assemblies and organising staggered and shortened break and lunchtimes.  We will do our best to encourage, but cannot guarantee social distancing.


What does the cleaning rosta look like for the school?

Cleaning of toilet areas, door handles etc will happen before and after each break time.

The Hall will be cleaned after each lunch sitting.

After school cleaning will begin at 2.30pm and end around 6pm.


For children in 'other years' is there going to be a strict home schooling plan for parents to adhere to?

OLQOH will continue to support Home Learning with resource packs and online materials.  How this is delivered will need to be determined by Parents & Carers.


I have a booked place in the Den, does this mean spaces will be limited due to the social distancing measures, if so how will you be selecting which child gets a space?

Den bookings will be honoured for those children attending OLQOH.  We will do our best to encourage, but cannot guarantee social distancing.


If the school does reopen and I chose to continue to Home School until September will this be classed as unauthorised absence?

Waiting on guidance from County.  I’m certain it wouldn’t be classified as unauthorised though.


Do key worker children continue as normal after June?



Will The Den remain closed till September?

Assuming school reopens, the Den will also open from 1/6/20 for those children (i) attending school and (ii) with bookings already made and confirmed.


The children are quite anxious about returning to school if it was to re-open as the early years children missed effectively half of an academic year. Is it possible for classes to remain as is in year 1 as some of the children have only just settled?

There are likely to be some changes to class lists for September, as always happens.  New Class details will be shared on 10/7/20 (in School Reports).


What years will be returning first, (as a parent I am due to go back to work soon) so what happens as my child is in Year 4?

The guidance from HMG is that only EYFS, Y1 and Y6 will be able to return to school until further notice (plus key worker children etc).  As guidance changes, we will advise Parents accordingly.


What measures have you got in place for children struggling to get back into a routine?

The school day encourages routine.  As children return to OLQOH, this structure will assist them in reintegrating.


School after school clubs are being cancelled for all of Summer 2 (although not be able to attend Summer 1 due to school closure) and hope to recommence in September. Will refunds be given for these or will they be carried over for payment to September classes? 



Year 1 had a visit to Reystede Animal Rescue which was postponed from 23 March to June. Is this now cancelled or just being postponed?

Refunds coming; now cancelled.


Have/or will teachers and staff have been tested for COVID-19?

As with other Key Workers, School staff can book appointments for tests if they display symptoms of Covid 19.


Have key worker children been tested for COVID-19 before opening the school?

We have no way of doing this.