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EYFS Homework 24/06/21


Sport’s Day Practice


  1. Throwing Task – Can you practise your underarm throwing at home? You could use a ball, a pair of socks or even a scrunched up piece of paper. Make a target area using a hoop, skipping rope, dressing gown rope or even a box. Can you throw the ball into the target from one step away? Two steps away? Five steps away? Etc…
  2. Running Task – Can you practise running as fast as you can between two places? Maybe visit the park and practise listening to an adult shout ‘On your marks, get set, go!’ and then running as fast as you can.
  3. Assault course – Can you follow a set of instructions and complete a mini assault course? For example, through a hoop, around a chair, under a table and then balance in a straight line along a skipping rope. Can you make up your own assault course for someone in your family to use?


Remember to upload any photos onto tapestry. 








Please read and share books with your child everyday. 


Please make sure your child's reading book is in school each day.

We will change books when we read with your child



Please make sure your child's PE kit is in school each day. Please make sure all items of clothing are labelled and that you have not got other children's clothes in their PE bags. Thank you.