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Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School - 'Better Never Stops!'
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Pastoral Care


Working positively together

We lead by example and use the Gospel message to guide us in our relationships with one another.

We have a well behaved school and behavioural problems, when they occur, are usually dealt with by Class Teachers. With almost 400 children it is inevitable that we have some behavioural incidents. The vast majority of these are dealt with at a local level as soon as the incident occurs, others may require intervention from Senior Leaders.

Our pastoral care system aims to encourage children to recover from periods of poor behaviour and support them, when required, with professional advice from other agencies such as CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) and BST (Behaviour Support Team.)

As you can see below, we use the Golden Rules to emphasise our core values for good behaviour. They are displayed in each classroom and feature in assemblies throughout the year.

Do be gentle
Do be kind and helpful
Do work hard
Do look after property
Listen to people
Do be honest

Each class has a regular “circle time” activity where the children can talk through issues which matter to personal wellbeing. We encourage the children to be healthy - physically and mentally. Happy children make a happy school. We promote good relationships and appropriate behaviour in class. We encourage active play at break and lunchtime and our curriculum plan provides a number of opportunities for health education.