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Reading Response Tasks


Reading Response Tasks


Each week select a different activity to complete based on the book you are reading. There are few suggestions of books to read on the class website pages and some opening extracts for books you might like to try.


  1. Write a prediction after reading the first couple of chapters. Explain what you think is going to happen and why.
  2. Pick a description of a setting from your book. Use the description to draw your own picture and then add quotes to support your drawing.
  3. From the chapter you are reading identify 5 new words that you have read. Use the following headings: syllables, synonyms, definition, antonyms to create a word aware poster about each new word. Remember to write it in a sentence.
  4. Create a non-fiction information page about a topic in your book. E.g. a destination, venue, person, hobby
  5. Create a character profile. Explain the type of person a character is and why they are that way. Use evidence from the book to support your ideas.
  6. Pick a section of the text and identify 4 adjectives and 4 verbs. Rewrite the text changing the adjectives and verbs, explain what happens to the text and the meaning.
  7. Summarise the main ideas of the text in 5 bullet points.
  8. Identify a section of the text that you would like to dig deeper into. Explain what the specific choice of adverb, adverbial phrase or adjective tells us about a character and how it helps to develop your understanding of the vocabulary the author has chosen.
  9. Draw a picture of one of the main characters based on the description in the book. Use the words of phrases from the book to support your drawing.
  10. Pick your favourite song, print the lyrics and write your own comprehension questions – use true or false questions and inference questions. Explain what you think the song is about and why.
  11. Write a diary entry from the point of view of one of the characters about an event in the story.
  12. Pick an extract of your choice, identify the type of atmosphere that is created and identify words and phrases that support this.
  13. Watch three different film trailers and explain how the author chooses to engage the audience. What are the similarities and differences between the trailers?
  14. From the last 2 chapters you have read identify 6 quotes. Next to each quote write down the questions it raises.
  15. Pick a picture of your choice, stick it in and annotate what we can retrieve, observe and infer from the picture.

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