Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School

Better Never Stops

St Johns



Daily Spellings and Times Tables

Weekly Maths

Weekly Literacy


Remember: daily spellings should be written out 8x, with their meaning and a sentence that uses the word. Spellings books are checked regularly to make sure you are doing them and spelling tests see how well you are doing!

You should also be reading every day. Ask your teacher when you need to change your library book. 

One times table grid needs to be completed each day. Additionally, you can login to TTRS. If you are unsure of your password ask your teacher.

Literacy Homework 

Each week select a different task from the book response activities sheet which is stuck in your homework book based on the book you are reading. 

Maths Homework


Miss Johnson's Group- Pages 2,3,7

Mrs Mile's Group- Pages 2,3,7



Miss Johnson's Group- Pages 6,17,18

Mrs Miles' Group- Pages 6,17,18



Miss Johnson's Group- Pages 20, 21, 50,51 

Mrs Miles' Group- Pages 20, 21, 50,51