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St Margaret's Class

Spring Term: Friday 19th March

Complete the Reading Comprehension in your Homework book. 

Maths see Homework book. 


Spring Term: Friday 12th March


STEMResearch: investigate and imagine ‘Innovating for the future’ and everything that makes it special. Do your work on plain paper, A3 or A4 size.


Ideas to get you started:

1. Think about an original innovation – from inventing your own toy to share with your friends, to a useful machine that will help your family or the whole world! How will it make a change to your playtimes, sports and leisure, entertainment, communications, work or even school?

2. Futuristic and global. Try to come up with new ideas, inventions, products or services we have never heard of before that would make the world a better place.

3. Do you know an awesome innovator? You can showcase their innovations and reflect on how their invention would make people’s lives better.

4. Everyday innovations can be overlooked: everyday, simple ideas can be the best! Items you use daily (like Velcro or paper clips): give a thought on how your life would be without them!

Your poster will be photographed if chosen to be entered in to the competition.

Your poster will be judged on:

  • creativity

  • how well it fits the theme

  • how well the poster is made

For more information go to:

SPANISH         Febrero 2021


Los colores   ( colours)

If you want to revise the colours, please find below as mentioned in our zoom lessons a word map and knowledge organizer for the topic that we have just finished on "los colores". If you are attending school at present, we will be revisiting this topic again but you could have a look too.


This is for those who are going to join me via zoom.

We have a quick Spanish session in which we will learn the colours in Spanish. No need to do it now but you can do it ( if you feel like doing languages) after the zoom lesson and we will discuss it the following week.

If you cannot join me, please try to do this worksheet too. You can find help in the several websites that I mention in the MFL area in the school website. 

Year 5 Literacy Homework:

Grammar and punctuation sheet (see homework book)

Reading task: select one book task from the sheet in your homework book


Year 5 Maths Homework:

Friday 20th November 2020: Decimal Number Lines Sheet A and B (homework book and below)

Due on Wednesday 25th November 2020.