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Year 2 Home Learning

Hello Year 2 

Here is an outline of the learning for this week:


Maths: Our Online lessons will be focusing on number. You can find additional activities that have been set on PurpleMash to support your learning of maths.


English: The online grammar lessons this week will focus on the suffix “ness” and the 4 different types of sentences. There are English lesson on Oak academy to continue  to investigate story structure and characters and to support grammar. 

You can find additional activities that have been set on PurpleMash to support your learning of these topics.


Science Focus: Please use activities in your pack. The focus this week is materials. There are lessons to support this on Oak academy. 


This week Miss Middleton is in class teaching and Miss Reddick is available throughout the school day to assist with any Home Learning questions and queries. 


Purple Mash: Further "2do" activities have been added that are linked to learning this week. 

Times tables rockstars: there is a "tournament" to take part in and times tables challenges.

Spelling shed: there are a set of key words to practise, these are set for 2 weeks. 


Please remember to email us if you need any additional support or would like to show us your work.

You will be receiving a call from a member of the Year 1/2 team every week, so you can also ask any questions then also. 

(Mrs McLauchlan will be calling St.Peter's Class this week she is now the TA in this class)


We hope to see you soon, 

Miss Reddick and Miss Middleton


Please see the document below with the timetable and links. 



Year 2 Learning Pack spr (2)

Year 2 learning pack Spr (1)

Online Reading resources

Useful websites




Live lessons:







R.E - Books 

Provided below are resources for 2 lessons of R.E . 



R E Lesson 5 and 6

Science Resources


The template for the jersey competition will be included in the next learning pack.