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Year 3 Home Learning

Good morning Year 3, 


Welcome to Week 3 of Home Learning. We hope that you have had a wonderful weekend and that you are ready to get going with your learning this week. 


Here is an outline of the learning for this week:


Maths: We will be looking at multiplication (3 and 4 times tables) and the inverse (division). 


English: Exploring expanded noun phrases. Reading chapter 2 in ‘Phyllis and the fossil finders’, answering questions on the text and looking at how we can use our senses to describe a setting. 


Topic Focus:  We will be investigating why it rains. You will make a rain gauge to explore this further. 


Science: We will be looking at how washing our hands prevents the spread of viruses.


RE: Our next topic in RE is Listening and Sharing. We will be developing our knowledge of ‘why’ it is important to listen and to ‘share’ with our friends and our family.

This week Miss Hawkins is in class teaching and Mr Watson is available throughout the school day to assist with any Home Learning questions and queries. 



Please see the document below with the timetable and links. 

RE Home Learning- Journey

Learn a new skill!



Sounds boring but you've got to learn at some point! Learn how to use the washing machine or tumble dryer and help lay the washing out to dry - your parents will love you for it!

Help cook dinner

Learn to cook a healthy and nutritional meal for all your family! Pasta bake is a good one. Simply buy a jar of pasta bake sauce, a pack of mixed frozen veggies (defrost), a pack of pasta and grated cheese then follow the instructions on the back of the jar - easy as that!

Here is another easy recipe to try as well:


Have you ever read and followed a map? Find a walk and try and navigate yourself around using a map and signposts!

Here is a much loved walk I often go on:




Have you ever picked up a needle? I'm sure your parents have an old sewing kit lying around the house you could borrow! Simply have a go at sewing a button onto a piece of material or challenge yourself with a sock animal. It's amazing what you can do with a few socks! (Make sure they are freshly laundered and not a smelly one!)



Learn to tie your shoe laces or tie

We set this as a homework but quite a few of you still turned up the next week not knowing how! Her are some instructions to help you out: