Year 3 Homework

Homework Set On: TBA

Steps For Editing Homework

Select the desired Word document display box, underneath the relevant heading (if there is no document selected the box will only appear when hovered over)

2) On the left hand side of the screen, upload the relevant document (Make sure this has first been uploaded into Media)

3) This will now display the correct Word document within the box

How To Hide A Section:

1) If you wish to not display a particular set of homework (for example: no literacy homework this week), hover over the section and click the grey box, at the top left corner, which says “Edit Container” (this can also be found within the navigator on the right hand side of the screen)

2) Now select Advanced, on the left hand side of the screen, then scroll down and select the Responsive dropdown, then finally, turn all three switches on to hide the container. (You will know this has worked if the section turns grey with faint lines showing over the top)

3) To re-show the section again, repeat the previous steps but turn the switches off

Literacy Homework

Maths Homework

Spelling Homework

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Welcome to the Year 3 Homework page!

Times Tables and Spelling Practice

Spellings will be practised at school  with a final quiz on a Friday. Please practise learning spellings at home in preparation for the Friday challenge – children have their spellings in both their pink spelling books and their orange homework books. 

We learn and use our times tables frequently. To support this, please practise these as much as possible at home or online with games and quick recall – in and out of sequence.


Please aim to record at least 3 reads a week. We aim to send home one reading book per week this half term. Library visits will be on a Monday.