Year 6 Homework

Homework Set On: TBA

Steps For Editing Homework

Select the desired Word document display box, underneath the relevant heading (if there is no document selected the box will only appear when hovered over)

2) On the left hand side of the screen, upload the relevant document (Make sure this has first been uploaded into Media)

3) This will now display the correct Word document within the box

How To Hide A Section:

1) If you wish to not display a particular set of homework (for example: no literacy homework this week), hover over the section and click the grey box, at the top left corner, which says “Edit Container” (this can also be found within the navigator on the right hand side of the screen)

2) Now select Advanced, on the left hand side of the screen, then scroll down and select the Responsive dropdown, then finally, turn all three switches on to hide the container. (You will know this has worked if the section turns grey with faint lines showing over the top)

3) To re-show the section again, repeat the previous steps but turn the switches off

Literacy Homework

Maths Homework

Spelling Homework

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Year 6 Homework

  • Daily Spelling and Times Tables: Every Mon – Friday evenings – Random mix means choosing x6 tricky spellings and write each out 6 times across two lines for each – there should be at least 8 spellings on each line. 
  • Weekly Maths – set on Fridays (Due in following Wednesday)
  • Weekly Reading in CPG books – Fridays (Due in following Wednesday)
  • Weekly Grammar in CPG books pages – set on Friday (Due in following Wednesday)
  • Weekly Reading – read 10 pages from a book of your choice to read throughout the week. In your orange homework book write the date and title of the book you are reading and a sentence about the ten pages you have read.

Remember: daily spellings should be written out 8x, with their meaning and a sentence that uses the word. Spellings books are checked regularly to make sure you are doing them and spelling tests see how well you are doing!

You should also be reading every day. Ask your teacher when you need to change your library book. 

One times table grid needs to be completed each day. Additionally, you can login to TTRS. If you are unsure of your password ask your teacher. 

If you need help with your homework, you must ask your teacher for help before your homework is due in, not on the day it is due in. 

Summer 2 Homework - Matilda Jr

Please can you practise your lines and the songs. When practising your lines, make sure you know the queues for when you need to speak.

Spellings still need to be completed daily.

Matilda Jr Playlist

Please use your script to help with the song lyrics

Literacy & Maths Homework

Literacy Homework:

Each week select a different task from the book response activities sheet which is stuck in your homework book based on the book you are reading.

Grammar Poem to learn off by heart

Daily Spellings

Maths Homework:

19.4.24 – Miss Johnson Maths CPG Pages 46,47,48,49