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Religious Education

Religious Education


Religious Education is at the centre of all we do, here at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Catholic Primary School. It can be seen throughout our school, not just in our RE lessons, but through Collective Worship, our links with our local parish and our behaviour towards one another.

RE is a core subject and, in line with the Bishops' Conference recommendations, 10% of teaching time is allocated to RE.

The school, like all of those in the Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, uses the "Come and See" programme. It is a well structured resource providing Biblical readings, focus questions and spiritual opportunities.

"Come and See" allows children to explore the religious aspects of life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic tradition. Children reflect on personal experiences and links are made with Catholic and non-Catholic faith traditions.
Over the academic year, two other faiths are taught, during the Autumn term we looked at Judaism and during the Summer term will be immersing ourselves in Islam.

A variety of teaching methods and resources are used, including stories from the Bible, songs and hymns, role play, liturgical dance, creative activities, film clips and discussion.

The children cover three themes each term and 63 topics in total from Reception through to Year 6.

The themes are:

Autumn term:
Our church - family.
Baptism and confirmation - belonging.
Advent and Christmas - loving.

Spring term:
Local church - community.
Eucharist - relating.
Lent and Easter - giving.

Summer term:
Pentecost - serving.
Reconciliation - inter-relating.
Universal church - world.

In order for the children to cover all topics across their time at OLQOH, we alternate the topics over a two year cycle for the split year groups (currently in key stage 2 for the academic year 2017-2018)


You can see more detail about each topic on the RE Curriculum Programme document below. All of the topics are rooted in the children's own experiences in life, our teachers then extend the learning further through reflection and purposeful activity. We look at Scripture passages that match the topic being covered and unpick the meaning and how we can use this Scripture to enhance our lives and help us to be better Christians.

Each term you will receive a letter that details what the children will cover and the kinds of things you can do at home to support your child.



There are many events throughout the academic year that the children and their families can be involved in. These include:


  • Mass to celebrate the new school year
  • The Rosary is said every Friday morning during October
  • Harvest Festival
  • Advent Devotions take place every Friday during December to help us prepare our hearts and minds for Jesus at Christmas
  • The Christmas Carol Service at Our Lady's Church
  • The Year 1 and 2 children share the Nativity story with us in the lead up to Christmas
  • Reception children also share the birth of Jesus with us through carols and role play
  • Epiphany Mass
  • Stations of the Cross every Friday morning during Lent
  • Easter Mass
  • Rosary which takes place every Friday during the month of May
  • The May Procession and Crowning of Our Lady
  • The Good Shepherd Celebration in the Summer Term
  • End of Year/Leavers Mass where we will celebrate the successes over the past year and the events over the last seven years for our Y6 leavers
  • Reconciliation Services throughout the year, with the opportunity for those who have and those who will be making their First Holy Communion


We do hope you will be involved in as many of these events throughout the year as possible. If you would like anymore information on these events please contact Mrs Kluge, the RE Coordinator.

Picture 1 KS1 Nativity
Picture 2 KS1 Nativity
Picture 3 KS1 Nativity
Picture 4 KS1 Nativity
Picture 5 KS1 Nativity
Picture 6 KS1 Nativity
Picture 7 Christmas Carol Service
Picture 8 Christmas Carol Service
Picture 9 Christmas Carol Service
Picture 10 Christmas Carol Service
Picture 11 Christmas Carol Service
Picture 12 Reception Nativity
Picture 13 Reception Nativity
Picture 14 Reception Nativity
Picture 15 Reception Nativity
Picture 16 Reception Nativity
Picture 17 Reception Nativity
Picture 18 Stations of the Cross
Picture 19 Stations of the Cross
Picture 20 Parent Workshop
Picture 21 Family & friends at our Harvest Festival Assembly
Picture 22 Sharing the Word of God
Picture 23 Harvest
Picture 24 Kind donations from the community
Picture 25 Stations of the Cross at Our Lady's Church
Picture 26 Stations of the Cross at Our Lady's Church
Picture 27 Stations of the Cross at Our Lady's Church
Picture 28 Hebrew Writing
Picture 29 Other Faiths Week- Judaism
Picture 30 Judaism- Books
Picture 31 Judaism Week
Picture 32 Judaism Week
Picture 33 Stay and Pray
Picture 34 Working hard with our Grandparents
Picture 35 Grandparents Day
Picture 36 Painting with Grandad
Picture 37 Making sandwiches with Grandma
Picture 38 Can you catch Grandma?
Picture 39 Painting our Grandparents
Picture 40 Computing with Nan
Picture 41 Rosary during the month of October