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In PE we widen and deepen the essential knowledge, skills and understanding of learners in a variety of ways.


Our vision for PE

'Putting physical activity , competitive sport and new experiences at the heart of our curriculum enrichment; providing our pupils with the opportunity to achieve their best.' 

Learners’ understand the importance of keeping themselves healthy and understand that a healthy lifestyle can help to develop self-esteem and live a positive lifestyle. A range of activities, such as the Daily Mile and Active Maths, help learners’ develop positive attitudes towards sport and fitness which enables them to share better habits with their families and friends.
During PE lessons, children are taught resilience and teamwork as they work together to develop their skills through self-challenges as well as team games. Learners’ understand the importance of sportsmanship as all children will have the opportunity to compete in team events against other schools and also inter school events.
Learners’ are inspired to try new sports during activities week and develop their self-belief as everyone is encouraged to try new skills. Through the vast variety of after-school clubs, learners’ get the opportunity to widen their skill set and to develop their ambition by becoming part of wider teams in the local community. Learners’ understand that sports isn’t just about an individual but learn to communicate effectively and work together with others.


We teach a variety of subjects in PE as required and set out by the government in the National Curriculum. We have two specialist PE teachers who teach PE to each class for one lesson per week, in addition to the lesson taught by class teachers. We also work with closely with Sussex Cricket and Storm Basketball Club who deliver specialist curriculum coaching. 


Early Years pupils participate in a range of activities to help develop their sports skills from an early age. They have access to outdoor areas where they will develop their co-ordination and build their team work skills. Skills that will help them throughout the rest of their schooling. There is also a large focus on helping develop their independence as they learn to get changed independently for their PE lessons.


KS1 pupils do equal amounts of dance, gymnastics and games. In all of the subjects, pupils will be improving strength, stamina, flexibility and body control. At the same time, learners will be building confidence and learning that sport is fun!


KS2 pupils are taught in half termly sessions of dance, gymnastics, two different invasion games, striking and fielding games and athletics. Learners will not only improve body tone, stamina, flexibility, skills and co-ordination they will also learn about co-operation, teamwork, tactics and strategy. We also teach learners about the importance of exercise for a healthy body.

Our Sporting News Letter

See what we have been up to this year! 


After School School Clubs 

In addition to curriculum PE, pupils are given a variety of opportunities to develop their skills in our after-school clubs. Most clubs change from term to term with teachers running termly clubs where they have areas of expertise for example, cricket club and cross-country club. Some clubs for example, football and Spanish dancing run throughout the year and are run by outside companies and are aimed at pupils in both Key stages. Pupils really enjoy being involved in the after-school clubs; it gives them a great opportunity to be coached by skilled instructors to develop their skills.

Below are pictures from our KS1 girls football club. 

Key Stage One- Quality Start Award 


The Quality Start Award recognises schools commitment to PE, School Sport and Healthy and Active Lifestyles. The award is judged on the below criteria:

  • Engagement for all pupils
  • Competition and Festivals
  • Profile of PE, School Sport and Physical Activity
  • Healthy and Active Lifestyles
  • Workforce (school staff and sports coaches)
  • Sports Leadership
  • Community Engagement

KS1 achieved Silver 2018-2019 on the Quality start award for PE and Gold 2019-2020! Platinum for the academic year 2021-22. We hope to achieve Platinum Plus for the academic Year 22-23.


Sainsbury's School Games Mark

The Sainsbury's School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Schools in England are able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the Mark. We are proud to say that we have now achieved Silver (2014 - 2015) and Gold (2015 - 2016, 2016 – 2017, 2017 – 2018 and 2018 - 2019). We are extremely excited to say that for 21-22 – 22-23 we have receive the Platinum Award! We will hold the Platinum Award until 2023-2024. 


Below is our supporting case study in support of the Platinum Award to develop competition at OLQOH. 

60 Active Minutes A Day

The government recommends that all children should have 60 active minutes per day. Whether it is at school or at home, each child should be keeping active for at least 60 minutes, with moderate intensity activity. The recommendation is for 30 minutes at school and 30 minutes at home.


How are we helping our children reach 60 active minutes a day?


  • Two hours of PE taught a week
  • Incorporating active activities in lessons e.g. dance, drama, relays, forest school. 
  • Encouraging children and parents to walk, bike, scoot to school- this is tracked daily. 
  • Daily mile/ activity trail timetabled into the school day 
  • Active brain breaks
  • A range of sporting play time equipment for children to use 
  • Hosting extracurricular sports clubs at school 
  • Wake and Shake morning club
  • Promoting extracurricular sports clubs not school based 
  • Attend as many fixtures and festivals as we can 
  • Holding range of sporting events at school e.g. fun run, sports day, enrichment week, arts week. 
  • Play Leaders, Sports Crew, Sports Council


Pupil Voice- What do our children say about PE?

Parent Voice- What do our Parents say about PE? 


'OLQOH children have lots of opportunities, great resources and brilliant teachers. We really look forward to coming to sport events e.g. Fun Run and Sports Day.'


91% agree/ strongly agree that their child enjoys PE. 

100% agree that their child does PE every week. 

54% of children attend an afterschool club at school. 

53% of parents have noticed their are more opportunities for girls football. 


(33 responses- March 2023)


An Active Curriculum


In addition to our PE curriculum time we understand it is important to be as active as possible where ever possible. Our broad and balanced curriculum provides children with opportunities to be active during all subject areas and not just in PE. This could be by sharing our learning in RE through dance, Literacy through drama or playing an active Math's game. 


This year we are taking part in the Creating Active Schools Program (CAS). Through CAS we are developing our active learning. 


Year 1 have enjoyed being active in their geography lessons as well as Year 2 using role play in their RE lessons. 


EYFS are enjoying working with Kicks Dance and creating their very own Ugly Bug Ball. 

Our Sports Crew and School Council

Sports Council

Our Sports Council has been set up to discuss the future of sports at our school. The below children have been chosen as representatives because they are interested in PE and sport and are keen to share their ideas to improve, raise the profile and to inspire children to be more active in our school. The sports Council also have the role of promoting the School Games Olympic Values. 


Year 1-  Mila and Harry

Year 2- Macie- Beau and Zakariya 

Year 3 - Sophia and Joey

Year 4- Anastasia and Syril

Year 5- Hubert and Alieu  

Year 6 - Harlie and Ayyan


The Sports Council meet with Miss Johnson throughout the year to discuss various events and thoughts and ideas the children might have. 


This academic year we have looked at developing our playtimes ensuring our equipment is sustainable. 

Sports Crew 

Our Spots Crew promote sports in our school and help with sporting events such as: Intra House and Inter House competitions. They have recieved their leadership training and have enjoyed helping at events!


Our Sports Crew are: Emmie, Saule, Viyan, Saiyon,Toby. G, Grace, Quincee, Emma

Play Leaders

The aim of Playground Leaders is to introduce and develop leadership skills in Yr 5 and 6 children by training them up and getting them to organise activities for other children in the playground. Our Play Leaders have undertaken training where they were able to develop their leadership skills and practice delivering activities in order for children to reach their goal of 60 active minutes a day. The children successfully run activities each lunchtime on our KS1 and KS2 playgrounds and they can be found easily as they wear high- vis jackets. 

This year our Play Leaders successfully ran lunch time football activities during 'Schools Football Week.'

Our Competition Intent:

Our competition intent as a school is to provide an environment where our children's motivation, competence and confidence is as the centre of every competition. We provide opportunities for all children to experience and participate in festivals and competitions of sport. These may be intra ( in school and between classes and year groups) or inter ( with local schools). By providing our children with a positive experience of competition, it  enables them to develop their team work skills as well as to put into practice the skills they have learnt in class. 



Our recent and upcoming inter competitions:

 Autumn Events attended:

Year 3 Rugby Festival 15/9/22

Year 5/6 Football Cup Comp 22/9/22

Year 5 Rugby Festival 26/9/22

Year 4 Rugby Festival 13/10/22

Year 5/6 Hockey vs Staff (Intra Match) 10/11/22

Year 4 Football match vs St Francis 18/11/22

Year 5/6 A team Netball Matches 24/11/22

Year 5/6 Girls Football League 28/11/22

Year 5/6 Boy Football league 1/12/22

Year 5/6 Boys Football Cup 8/12/22

Year 5/6 Basketball competition 12/12/22


Spring Term Events 2023

Year 5/6 Boy Football league 5/1/23

Year 5/6 Girls Football League 9/1/23

Year 5/6 Boy Football league 12/1/23

Year 5/6 Girls Football League 16/1/23

Year 5/6 B team Netball Matches 19/01/23

Year 5/6 B team Football Matches 6/02/23

Year 5/6 Basketball Finals 26/1/23

Year 5/6 Girls Football League Finals 26/1/23

Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics 30/1/23

Year 5 Cross Country 2/2/23

Year 5/6 Girls football Cup 3/2/23

Year 5/6 Indoor Cricket Competition 9/2/23

Year 5/6 Hockey vs Staff Hockey Marches (intra) 10/2/23

Year 5/6 Hockey Competition 20/2/23

Year 4 Girls Football Festival 24/2/23

Year 4 Mixed Cricket Festival 6/3/23

Year 2 Girls Football Festival 23/3/23

Year 3 Tennis Competition 30/2/23


Summer term Planned Events


Friday 21st April - Hockey Finals

Thursday 4th May - Tri Golf for 3/4's

Friday 5th May - Girls Football Comp for year 6

Thursday 11th May - Hockey Festival 3/4's

Thursday 18th May - Quad Kids Athletics

Monday 22nd May - Tennis for year 5/6

Thursday 8th June - Cricket Comp year 3/4's

Friday 9th June - Lacrosse

Monday 12th June - KS1 Basketball

Monday 19th June - Basketball Comp for year 3/4's

Thursday 22nd June - year 5/6 Girls Cricket

Friday Girls OLQOH Football Cup 23/6/23

Friday Boys OLQOH Football Cup 30/6/23

Thursday 6th July - B team basketball

Friday 7th July - Girls Football Comp


You can find match reports for the events in our dispatches. 


By 2014, the FA's and Barclays ambition is for girls to have the same football opportunities as boys in schools and clubs. #LetGirlsPlay is a campaign to drive influence and change perceptions, showing that football can and should be played by girls.


In school we have:

  • A successful girls football team 
  • Football Friday for girls
  • KS1 Primary All Stars Girls football club with 18 attendees 
  • Held a football focus week for the while school 
  • Have upgraded our book corners with new books where a female footballer is the main character
  • Participated in the biggest ever football session with #LetGirlsPlay 
  • Pledged to help grow girls football
  • Are part of the schools in Crawley football focus group 
  • Attended England vs Norway at the Amex Stadium


Brighton and Hove Albion Women Team Play in the WSL at Broadfield Stadium. You can purchase tickets here.



Jamie Knight Freestyle Football Workshops 

On Monday 3rd October 2022 Jamie Knight Professional Free Style Footballer visited OLOQH to deliver a range of freestyle workshops to some very excited children. Developing a positive growth mind set was as the forefront of the workshops, focusing on persistence, resilience and determination. By the end of the session children were able to balance the ball on their neck, perform a drop heel as well as many other tricks.


We were in the paper!

Football Week February 2023

We were delighted when the ESFA  announce the return of Schools' Football Week. The campaign is designed as an opportunity for schools, teams and clubs from across the country to embrace schools’ football and the wellbeing benefits it provides to pupils and players. During football week we took part in intra football competitions between classes, penalty shootouts, keepie uppie competitions and read football texts. 



Phunky Foods

With current rapid increases in childhood obesity prevalence means that we must help empower children, alongside their families and communities, to take control over their wellbeing to enable them to live longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives. We work closely with Phunky Foods whose mission is to improve the dietary and physical activity habits of young children (aged 2-11 years) across the UK by helping to create supportive learning environments for health in early years settings and primary schools.


The Phunky Foods Programme aims to help early years settings and primary schools to deliver a whole-school approach to healthy lifestyles and to engage with all pupils, and their families, in promoting tangible health behaviour changes in a fun, lively and positive manner.


Phunky Foods have delivered both parent and children workshops in school and we continue to work closely with them in order to educate our children and families. 


Our children are encouraged to bring a fruit snack for playtime and a healthy balanced lunchbox. 


Wake and Shake 

The Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Ups encourage children to get the 60 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity they need each day with fun 10 minute bursts of activity.  


Wake and Shake runs before schools where the children take part in various activities, such as dances, obstacle courses and games to get them ready and energised for the day. 

The Daily Mile and Fitness Trail

We are very lucky to have a fantastic daily mile running track at OLQOH. The daily mile is timetabled our day and children enjoy challenging them selves to run around the track in the time given. 


We also have a fitness trail which includes, lunges, hopping and jumping. The children are able to follow the instructions.

Bike It 


Sustrans is a UK based walking, wheeling and cycling charity, and the custodian of the National Cycle Network. 


We work closely with Sustrans who help schools and communities come to life by walking, wheeling and cycling to create healthier places and happier lives for everyone. 


We have a team of Junior Road Safety Officers who encourage our children and parents to walk, scoot or cycle to school. 


We also took place in Sustrans Big Walk Wheel, where classes competed to walk, scoot or cycle to school the most amount of times. 




Children's Sporting Achievements Outside of School 

We like to celebrate both our children's in school and out of school sporting achievements. In assembly children are invited to share their certificate, medal or trophy with the whole school and  receive a golden handshake from Mr Melia.

Well done to Shaylin who competed for Sussex in Judo on the 8th May 2022. Having lost his first fight, it took resilience and courage to go forwards and win his second. He came third over all in the boys section. 



Well done to Ethan and Jaydon who play for Alfold Football Club, they have won The Junior Premier League which means they are JPL National Champions. 

They have also won the U10's Crawley League on the 24th April 2022 and Three Bridges Football Festival.

Extra- Curricular Sporting Clubs in Crawley 

If you would like any further information on extra- curricular sporting opportunities outside of school, please contact Miss Johnson.

Parents and Careers- How can you keep active?

If you would like to keep active and try out different sports, please see a list of sporting clubs available in Crawley. 


Crawley Archery Club-

Crawley Athletics Club-

Crawley Badminton Club-

Crawley Rugby Club-

Gatwick Kickboxing-

Crawley Lawn Tennis Club-

Park Run and Junior Park Run-

A big thank you to Class Cover who have kindly sponsored some OLOQH branded tops for when we attend fixtures!